Encrypt your seed phrases

Encrypt and store your seed phrases in a way that only you can access them. Never lose access to your crypto.

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For your eyes only

We encrypt your seed phrases in a way that only you can access them.

Always encrypted

All crypto operations are done in TEEs so your seed phrases are always encrypted.

Works with any crypto wallet

Encrypt as many seed phrases as you want — for any wallets you use.

Never lose access to your crypto

Never lose your seed phrases or access to your crypto.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the service called 12:18:24?
Most seed phrases include 12, 18, or 24 words, so we just combined those numbers together — 12:18:24.
Can I encrypt seed phrases for any wallet?
Yes, 12:18:24 can be used with any wallet, including Rainbow or Metamask.
Why should I use 12:18:24?
Storing your seed phrases on a piece of paper puts you at risk of having your wallets go missing or stolen; losing the piece of paper with your seed phrase means you lose your wallet. 12:18:24 lets you keep your seed phrases fully encrypted, so that only you can access them — all from your own private dashboard.
Who is behind 12:18:24?
12:18:24 is a project from the Evervault Encryption Lab. Evervault is an encryption infrastructure company (backed by investors like Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins and Index Ventures) making it easy for developers to integrate robust encryption in their software.
Why should I trust 12:18:24?
Seed phrases stored with 12:18:24 are encrypted by Evervault E3 using Evervault Relay. This means 12:18:24 never stores or handles your seed phrases in plaintext — they are encrypted by Evervault before reaching 12:18:24’s infrastructure. This means that no one but you can see your seed phrase. You can learn more about how Evervault encrypts and secures data on the Evervault Blog.
How much does 12:18:24 cost?
$1 per month per wallet or $10 annually
What happens if you get hacked?
12:18:24 stores your seed phrases encrypted using a key that 12:18:24 doesn’t have access to, so there isn’t a risk of your seed phrases being decrypted by a hacker.
What if I forgot my 12:18:24 login/password?
12:18:24 uses email magic link and SMS authentication, so you don’t have to worry about remembering login credentials for your 12:18:24 account.

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